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Helping drive your data and analytics strategy and supporting you to implement a Business Intelligence solution

We assist companies in their digital journeys. We leverage all types of data across organisations to create AI business initiatives and drive transformation through the entire value chain. We deliver AI projects quickly thanks to our proven Lean AI methodology. We are problem solvers and think business impact first.

Data Consulting


We’ll help you outline a comprehensive data management strategy to streamline the entire data journey from its capture to processing to analysis to business value while also ensuring the highest possible level of data security and privacy.

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Data Architecture

Data Governance

Data Security

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Data Science

Big Data Analytics

Data Visualisation

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Data Integration

Data Engineering

Data Migration

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Real-Time Data Collector

We make data extraction easy
We offer scraping services for any size business from startups to Fortune 100’s. Just tell us what web data your need and let us take care of the rest.

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Real-Time News Sifter

Draw from more news sources for a more complete perspective: When you're trying to make sense of your world, separating signal from noise is paramount. Real-time News filters the news and information that matters to you by company, portfolio, and needs. Set up alerts that notify you when a story matches your criteria and ensure that you always have a complete context

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Real-Time Price Collector

ReOptimize pricing for products and services
based on current market trends. Sell more. Earn more.



Cloud Platform


Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services


Fine tune your business strategy with expert insights on what your key competitors are doing and how you can do it better.

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Market Research

Stay connected to relevant data using a flexible and agile research solution, so you can respond quickly with insights that fuel long-term growth for your clients.

Competitor Analysis

Stay steps ahead of the competition by identifying financial and revenue trends, accessing company overviews, and analyzing industry landscapes to create a SWOT analysis.

Renowned Research Tools

iGenie uses AL and NLP Techniques to get unparalleled access to data that matters to you. We take advantage of a range of tools including TxSense and iCompi to discover advanced metrics through unique forms and detailed analytical tools, whilst DataStudio and MetaAnalytics tools provides all-important feedback on your market.



We are specialists in providing Data and Technology consulting. We have over 50 years of in-house expertise across multiple industry sectors and a large network of specialists with over 1000 years of collective experience.

Our candidates are selected and screened by active Practitioners ensuring that the people we put forward are qualified and suitable for the position. We have a track record of providing technical staffing services that cater to clients across the Fortune 200 companies


Our technology expertise includes and not limited to:

Microsoft: .NET, C#

Oper Source: Java, Python, PHP, Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS

RPA/IPA: UiPath, BluePrism, Caffe, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Automation Anywhere

Business Intelligence: PowerBI, QlikSense, Tableau

Cloud: GCP, AWS

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, BigQuery, PostGreSQL

We specialise in following domains:

Financial Services including:


  • Asset Management

  • Corporate Banking

  • Investment Banking

  •  Retail Banking

  • Regulatory & Compliance

  • AML

  • Sanctions & Fraud Monitoring

  • Robo Advisor

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